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Aluminum Bleachers

Aluminum Bleachers

Get the sports fan, parents, friends and spectators to watch their favorite game at sports fields and other spectator event with comfortable seating and elevated views from our bleachers.

10" wide aluminum seat and foot planks.
Endcaps are design so there's no sharp edges.

All welded aluminum frame. No rust.
Used either indoor or outdoor. 
Roll away with ease with the tip and roll option.
Assembly required. Ships Truck. 
Made In the USA

Model Number Description Option Seat Capacity Weight LBS Price Add To Cart
WP-BLCH-3TRG 3-Rows 15'ft. Long Tip/Roll 30 People 265 $1,294.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-321TRG 3-Rows 21'ft. Long Tip/Roll 42 People 360 $1,479.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-4TRG 4-Rows 15'ft. Long Tip/Roll 40 People 405 $1,879.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-421TRG 4-Rows 21'ft. Long Tip/Roll 52 People 540 $2,179.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-3AL 3-Rows 15'ft. Long Stationary 30 People 260 $1,264.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-321AL 3-Rows 21'ft. Long Stationary 42 People 355 $1,569.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-4AL 4-Rows 15'ft. Long Stationary 40 People 400 $1,759.99 Add to cart
WP-BLCH-421AL 4-Rows 21'ft. Long Stationary 52 People 535 $2,139.99 Add to cart

Note: Be sure to check your local building and fire codes to determine the compliance requirements in your community.