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True Bounce Basketball Backboards

Truebounce Backboard Technology

Rebounding Shot

TrueBounce® Quiet Technology Is the first to fuse the science of physics to the players of today's game. With TrueBounce's unique, perforated backboard, up to 28% of the ball's energy is released upon impact, resulting in a better bounce for scoring and rebounding.
Mid Range Shot        MID-RANGE SHOT
  • Brings back the mid-range game
  • Enables players go to the board 
  • with confidence
  • Provides more scoring options
  • Opens up the outside
  • Compels defenders to respect the mid-range game


  • Provides consistent rebounds within
    the rebounding zone
  • Rewards proper box out technique
  • Allows for more offensive put backs
  • Enhances the fast break
  • Enables cleaner transitions
  • Leads to better flow to the game